Outset Contemporary Art Fund is an international and independent philanthropic organization, delivering imaginative and effective ways of supporting new art – with artists, patrons and partners all equally at the heart of the process. Through collectively sourced private funding, Outset aims to meet the needs of a diverse ecosystem of the arts. Outset support spans capital campaigns, productions, art projects and education schemes to benefit public institutions and their arena of activities from the grassroots level to the world’s most renowned museums. Since 2003, Outset made a EUR 8.5m+ investment in the visual arts sector worldwide, setting a new standard for best practice in the sector. Outset has 8 chapters in England, Germany, India, Israel, the Netherlands, Greece, Scotland and Estonia.


Launched in 2008 as a branch of the Outset Contemporary Art Fund, Outset Israel aims specifically to promote Israeli contemporary art projects and works to strengthen contemporary visual art production in Israel by supporting new commissions from established and emerging Israeli artists and to further the donation of Israeli works to both international and Israeli public institutions. What sets Outset apart from other similar foundations is its involvement with artists and curators at the formative stages of their career, enabling them to realize their visions. It also strives to engender close collaboration with public, cultural institutions to promote philanthropy and attract new patrons for contemporary art.
Since its inception, Outset Israel and its patrons have sought to engage international art professionals with the growing talent pool of Israeli artists. The organization conducts research trips to Israel for international curators as well as taking Israeli curators abroad. Outset Israel also holds a residency program (Outset Bialik Residency), bringing leading art figures to Israel for public lectures, workshops and new productions to be presented in non-profit spaces.